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When you choose a big bags supplier, you care about:

Private investment with a large experience in the field of plastic industry, LIVINGJUMBO INDUSTRY PLC produces and sales BIG BAGS (polypropylene woven bags, jumbo bags, FIBCs) with 250-2000 kilos loading capacities (SWL), in a variety of constructive shapes and dimensions, such as: 1 loop, 2 or 4 loop big bags. Our company provides complete SOLUTIONS for the packaging, transportation and storing of bulk materials: chemicals (granulated or powders), ceramics, ferroalloys, construction materials, agricultural products (seeds, grain, corn, beans, cereals), food powders, minerals, recyclable materials (PE, PP, PVC granules), wastage, etc.

Our Integrated Quality (ISO 9001:2001) - Environment (ISO 14001:2005) - Food safety (ISO 22000:2005 - HACCP) Management System recommends Livingjumbo Industry as your BEST SUPPLIER for the packing of your bulk materials.

Our company’s range of products, suppliers and partners together with years of experience will provide you:

Highest quality;

Cost effective;

Innovative and timely solutions

to meet and even exceed your packaging requirements.

Why Livingjumbo Industry?
Because we are fully convinced that our best shareholder is the CUSTOMER!

As a 100% recyclable big bags manufacturer, Livingjumbo Industry PLC proved responsibility in every aspect of production, starting from material fabrication and quality testing, so that our potential customers could see that we have the knowledge of making best big bags and that we can supply good quality. This enabled us since the very beginning to have customers portfolio not only in Romania, but also in Europe.

LIVINGJUMBO's bags are present in countries such as: France, Holland, Belgium, Norway, Germany, Italy, Spain or Greece and provided either directly (deliveries to end users) or indirectly (through commissioners, distributors or chambers of commerce).No matter the channel used, we are very exigent when it comes to the quality of our products as well as the fast delivery - qualities that allows us to maintain our portfolio of external customers.

Customized in order to meet different requirements, the BIG BAGS have a wide range of applications and they are used for packaging: chemical products (fertilizers, soda, urea), agricultural products (seeds, cereals, animal feed), food products (powders or granulated - salt, sugar, coffee etc), minerals, construction materials (sand, lime, cement), wastage (polystyrene, PP, PE and PVC granules, paper, wood, ferrous and nonferrous materials etc).

Livingjumbo Industry PLC started its activity in September 2002 with an unique purpose: to increase the quality of big bags at the proper ratio between its specifications and processing costs.

Having 100% private investors, Livingjumbo Industry PLC was a normal continuation of the investment made in the small PP bags (polypropylene woven bags for 25-50 kg) production in the same city.

The management team, quality control and a big part of workers have been selected from experienced and very well-trained people, most of them coming from the big bags section of the former state large company Romcarbon S.A. Buzau.

Marketing research has been done nearly one year before, mostly in West European countries and in Romania, of course. Since the very beginning we have introduced our company, we have announced what kind of big bags we could provide (starting from 100 kg to 2000 kg capacity), what kind of technical possibilities we had and also we sent quotations and samples.

As a 100% recyclable big bags manufacturer, we proved responsibility in every aspect of production, starting from material fabrication and quality testing, so that our potential customers could see that we have the knowledge of making best big bags and that we can supply good quality.

This enabled us since the very beginning to have customers’ portfolio not only in Romania, but also in Europe.

The cooperation between our commercial and production departments is giving all the time suggestions and alternatives to the customers which are not totally aware about what and how the big bags they want to purchase must be.

We can assure a quick communication with our customers or potential customers in different languages : English, French, German, Italian and Spanish (any inquiries receive an answer from our side in few hours or, in exceptional situations, in maximum 24 hours).

The dimensions of quality in respect to the products made by Livingjumbo Industry PLC are:


main characteristic of the big bags - we respect the specifications given by our customer (dimensions, technical specification - specific weight, strength, UV stabilization, packaging options);


how well our products conform to customer’s expectations during the loading and handling process - we are always making sure the solution we offer to our customers is the best option considering their needs;


risk of injury (strength and resistance of the PP loops and PP fabric of the big bags during filling operation and handling with the forklifts) - our company ensures 5:1 safety factor and, based on requirements, we can also offer 6:1 safety factor;


we offer consistency of performance, meaning constant quality of each delivery;


useful life of the product - our bags are strong and durable as we do not compromise in selecting the best raw material and materials in production process;


very nice appearance of the fabric from which the bags are made of, straight sewing lines, good quality of printing with logo from customers;

Special Features

extra characteristics - for example, we are using dust-proof sewing yarn for special types of products;

Perceived Quality

indirect evaluation of quality - sustained by our ISO 9001 certificate, as well as Labordata certificates for UN bags (used for transportation of hazardous/dangerous goods ), we are an active member of EATP (European Association for Textile Polyolefins) and Romanian specific association ASPAPLAST;

Fast Delivery

the time spent between the moment of receiving the order from the customer and delivery of the goods is very short. We serve the needs of our clients who prefer to keep the stock at a minimum level (or no stock at all - JIT delivery) - taking advantage of our location close to any European destination;

Service After Sale

customer support, handling of customer’s possible complaints or checking on customer satisfaction - all these handled with special procedures created inside the Quality Management System. Questionnaires are sent on a regular basis to control the customer’s satisfaction and the results are used to improve the company's ability to be competitive.

October 2002 was first month when our one loop and 4 loops big bags entered in the European market for a lot of applications in industrial and bulk transportation of construction materials, food grains, chemicals, fertilizers, sugar, different waste material (paper, plastic, paper, textile) to mention only a few of the applications for which the big bags are used.

The production was delivered in a significant proportion to European customers (75%), the rest of it (25%) being dedicated to the domestic market.

One of the main advantages of Livingjumbo Industry PLC is that everything is produced inside the company, starting from the polypropylene (PP) granules, PP yarn, PP fabric, PP belt, PP thread, PP rope, PP big bags.

For this reason, we can control very well the quality and the specifications requested by our customers, no matter we talk about:

One loop bags different types (square bottom, single folded bottom or conical bottom);

Two loops bags;

Baffle bags (Q bags) coated or uncoated;

Dust proof sewing or with polyethylene liner inside.

Beside big bags, we also sell:


Sewing thread;


Belt (loop).

For the selling of our products we are using different channels:

directly to end users;

through commissioners;

through trade companies.

No matter the channel used, we are keeping on the quality of our products as well as on the fast delivery - qualities that allows us to maintain and even increase our portfolio of customers.

This way, our big bags are present on very exigent markets which request a lot of construction details, special printing, shapes etc.

In nearly 5 years since our company is present on the FIBC’s market we have sold more than 5 millions bags of different types.

Thus our initial production capacity was designed for 30 000 pieces per month, the quality of our products has been highly appreciated by our clients and made us the best advertising we could hope.

Following our successful activity, we have continued to “fight” with an aggressive marketing, using the tools we had in our hands:

Best quality;

Good prices (fair prices);

Good flexibility in production;

Fast delivery time.

The Quality Management System ISO 9001/2001 helped us in any moment to get a very good traceability for our products. For this reason, the top management team requested and the Board of Administration approved the increasing of the production capacity to 120 000 pieces per month.

Feeling that the only solution to resist the more ferocious attacks - came from the other markets - was to increase productivity and realize economies of scale, in 2006 Livingjumbo Industry PLC had brought technology that enabled us to produce and deliver 160 000 big bags pieces and even more.


We are fully convinced that the most important stakeholder for our company is the CUSTOMER.

We depend on the customer and we would not exist without him.

As a result, the essence of the quality policy of Livingjumbo Industry PLC in the field of quality is to GRANT OUR CUSTOMER MAXIMUM ATTENTION in order to identify as much as possible his needs and to satisfy them completely.

In order to become more efficient and to prove our customer the ability to constantly deliver high quality products, the ability to transform customer’s wishes in exigency, LIVINGJUMBO INDUSTRY has designed, documented and implemented a modern System of Quality Management, according to the provisions of the SR EN ISO 9001:2001 standard.

The way we must act, as well as the objectives our company has fulfill, are mentioned in the documentation for the implemented Quality Management System, as follows:

Obtaining a high rate of profitability through the improvement of our employees’ quality of work;

Satisfying the customer’s request as they are expressed and transmitted;

Maintaining a permanent contact with the customer and verifying his opinions through marketing research (questionnaires);

Promoting the image of the company on the market.

The entire personnel of LIVINGJUMBO INDUSTRY PLC has the obligation to know and respect exactly the request mentioned in the documentation of the Quality Management System and to put constant efforts in order to improve its own activity.

The representative of the Management for the Quality - in the person of the Quality Manager - has the task to permanently follow:

the way in which the processes of the Quality Management System are established, implemented, maintained;

the way the specific documentation is applied.

I assume the full responsibility to periodically analyze the efficiency and effectiveness of the Quality Management System and to identify and ensure the availability of the necessary resources for its continuous improvement.

General Manager RADU ANDREI


LIVINGJUMBO INDUSTRY PLC Buzau activates in the field of production of big bags.

Considering the fact that the activity of Livingjumbo Industry PLC is leading to consumption of resources: water, electricity, natural gas and has an impact on the environment (mainly through the pollution with polypropylene and polyethylene), out commitment is to ensure continuously the prevention of pollution in respect for the environment, all this being achieved through the objectives and the targets established as follows:

The reduction of the electricity consumption;

The reduction of oil consumption;

The reduction of water consumption;

The reduction of the wastage resulted from production process.

In our constant effort for the improvement of our own activity, the management of Livingjumbo Industry PLC commits itself to comply with the legal requirements and other applicable requirements related to the environment, commits itself to have a good communication with the interested parties and to militate for the protection of the natural resources.

The entire personnel of Livingjumbo Industry PLC has the obligation to know, through actions of training and awareness, the requests of the Environment Management System and to put constant efforts in order to improve the daily activity.

We assume full responsibility to periodically analyze the efficiency and effectiveness of the integrated Management System for Quality and Environment, to identify and to ensure the availability of the necessary resources for its continuous improvement.

The present policy is communicated, listed in visible places and acknowledged by the entire personnel of the company.

General Manager RADU ANDREI

Situated in the Eastern Europe, at the edge of the newly expanded European Union, Livingjumbo Industry PLC is a "near shore" big bags manufacturer and provider, making much easier for our European partners to visit us, ensuring trust and control over the quality they "buy" from us.

Since 1st of January 2007, Romania became member of EU, occasion which provides us a lots of competitive advantages as a Romanian company, such as:

Location advantage

Romania "acts" like a bridge between East & West, North & South.

Time difference advantage

Closer time difference ( GMT + 2 ) ensures that direct communication can take place with Livingjumbo Industry PLC staff members within normal European business hours;

Low risk advantage

Being a new member of the European Union, Romania shares similar laws as the rest of the European countries, making easier for this companies to ensure trusted business relationships. The direct proximity to the European Union, the stability and the growing economy makes from Romania a low risk country where business is profitable because of the growth potential.

Cultural advantage

Situated in the heart of Europe, Romania shares European values that make easier for European companies to work with, ensuring that no misinterpretations are being put in place.

Skilled staff in foreign languages allows companies from all over the word to work with us in an easy and friendly manner, enjoying a direct communication.

Large "pool" of genius professionals as well as quick start up is attracting companies: the Romanian researchers are very well-trained, with a b theoretical background, most of them did visit or worked in European laboratories and groups in the past years and they are in line with the researchers trends.

The IT infrastructure is quite well developed and parts of the experimental infrastructure as well.

Romanian companies benefits of excellent negotiator personnel skills: contact with client in most commonly made through direct marketing, trade fairs, exhibits, direct references, visits to web pages and occasionally through Chamber of Commerce.

We are fully aware that the most important “asset” of our company is our CUSTOMER. According to this belief, we offer:

The best quality of the raw materials, materials and products;

JIT (Just-in-time) deliveries which allow our customers to keep a minimum or even zero stock level, with the respecting of the traceability system of the products;

The assistance we offer to our customers in finding the best solutions and maintaining a successful partnership;

Flexibility in execution depending on customer’s necessities;

The high level of qualification of our employees and the possibility of real time communication in different international languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish;

The permanent concern for business development through: implementation of Environmental Management System ISO 14001 and Food Safety HACCP-ISO22000, acquisitions of performing technologies and continuous improvement of the personnel.

All these abilities enabled us to create and maintain an impressive portfolio of over 500 customers from different domains/industries: construction, food industry (food powder, granulated products), chemicals, fertilizers, agriculture, wastages, so we call just one small part of the applications which use big bags for its packaging needs.

Polypropylene (PP) Big Bags - also known as "FIBCs", "bulk bags", "jumbo bags" - are defined as intermediate bulk container, having a body made of flexible fabric which is intended for shipping and storing dry bulk products.

Usually made from woven polypropylene (coated or uncoated-breathable), big bags employ varying fabrics and fabric specific weights depending on container strength and factors of safety.

PP big bags do not require further packaging because they are designed to be lifted from the top by attached devices (polypropylene loops/belts or straps).

Because every bulk goods requires its own solution due o its specifications - from development, planning and construction to expert assembly, commissioning and service - the PP big bags manufacturers develop a variety of solutions in order to ensure the best choice for their customers.

So instead of being stuck with a container that limits the possibilities of filling, moving, storing and discharging the products, PP big bags are custom made to meet every specific needs.

Other advantages of using PP big bags for your business:

The flexibility of design (variety of sizes, filling and discharging solutions, printing, labeling);

Special top and bottom spouts allow more accuracy when charging (filling) and blending materials. This facilities also ensure easier start/stop procedures of filling and discharging;

Alternative fabric types - circular or plane - used for manufacturing square or circular body shapes for big bags allows the best solution to be taken for transporting, manipulating and storing of bulk material;

The possibility of being manufactured with anti-static fabric that does not require a ground attachment (meeting the standards for Type C and Type D static control);

PP big bags are safer to use thanks to the no spillage problems or dust, the bags being adaptable for all users;

Special designed PP big bags with PE (polyethylene) liners which can be provided for moisture protection. This special types of FIBCs prevents movement during filling or discharging, assuring even flow-through of the products;

Large range of application such as: chemicals, ferro alloys, crushed stone, sand, gravel, cement, food (sugar, salt, flour, dextrose, starch, food additives), refractory-abrasive grit, ceramics, clays, lime, powdered metals, shot, rubber, carbon black, agriculture sector (seed, grain, corn, beans), minerals and specialty minerals;

Made from coated or uncoated fabrics, all specially UV stabilized to protect against solar radiation;

PP big bags are environmentally friendly, ensuring the ability of reuse-recycle the bags;

The popularity and the use of PP big bags is also due to the labor cost savings for handling and manipulation, reduction of waste ingredient and the ability of being conducive for road, rail or container shipment.

Livingjumbo Industry PLC produces and sells:

PP yarn (for PP fabric, sizes between 1100-4500 DEN);

PP thread (for sewing, sizes between 3-4 mm);

PP cord (sizes between 10-30 mm);

PP belt (sizes between 40-60 mm);

PP fabric (with weight between 95-220 g/m2), circular or plane shape (sizes between 1000-4200 mm);

PP big bags (containers, FIBCs, bulk bag) with one loop, two or four loops, in charge/discharge spout, filling skirt, made from circular or plane fabric, coated or uncoated, with or without PE liner, printed or unprinted, for capacities from 250-1800 kg, on a variety of sizes and shapes, for a variety of purposes;

PP tarpaulins.

It is generally accepted that PP big bags ( FIBCs, bulk bags or jumbo bags ) are one of the most cost effective and ideal type of packaging for handling and storing dry bulk goods.

FIBCs are made in different constructive types - custom made - to meet a large range of applications.

Most commonly known are the STANDARD BIG BAGS with 1, 2 or 4 loops.

Its dimensions and features characteristics are varying a lot depending on SWL (Safe Working Load), SF (Safety Factor) and on its special destination.


Single folded bottom;

Single folded bottom with charging spout;

Flat bottom;

Flat bottom with charging spout;

Flat bottom with charging and discharging spout.


sac big bags cu un maner sac big bags cu un maner cu gura de evacuare


Single folded bottom;

Single folded bottom with charging spout;

Flat bottom;

Flat bottom with charging spout;

Flat bottom with charging and discharging spout.


sac big bags cu doua manere sac big bags cu doua manere si gura de evacuare


Open top and flat bottom;

Skirt and flat bottom;

Skirt and discharging spout;

Open top and discharging spout;

Charging spout and flat bottom;

Charging and discharging spout;

Charging and discharging spout + lid.


4 loop big bags 4 loop big bags

Beside standard types of FIBCs, Livingjumbo Industry PLC provides Q bags ( "baffle bags" ), designed with 4 or 5 sidewalls, made mostly from coated PP fabric with dust-proof seam (DSP). Q bags are manufactured to the special purpose to maintain their relative cube shape form when bulk material has filled the bag, this way eliminating the round-out of other standard packaging solutions. Their usage is commonly for free-flowing materials that tend to deform the walls of the bags, making its manipulating operation difficult (graphite, soot, cereals, fiberglass). Among the advantages of their usage one has to be mentioned less space occupied for its storage and, very important, the cut down of the transportation costs.

Another type of big bags manufactured by our company is used for the storage and handling goods with special characteristics, difficult to completely discharge (empty) from the bags. These bags are conical big bags and they are used for typical products, such as: toner, food powder or pigments.

Livingjumbo Industry PLC also produces UN coded big bags, FIBCs used for storage and transportation of dangerous goods and toxic waste. UN big bags are made in accordance with the United Nations Recommendations on the Transportation of Dangerous Materials (Orange Book) for road (ADR), railway (RID) and marine transportation (IMDG – Code). Our company detain certificates for manufacturing UN big bags code Y - flexible IBC approved for packaging group II, class 5.1 - "Oxidizing substances".


Your first step in ensuring with big bags of good quality is to contact our company.

The rest is up to us: your problems get to a happy end and to a beginning of a productive long term cooperation. You tell us about your business and our skilled personnel will offer you exactly what you need.


Our efforts are headed for satisfying both the technical needs, as well as the aesthetics ones. Regarding the design of our big bags you can be sure that Livingjumbo Industry PLC will do its best to provide you the specific type of FIBCs so that your packaging activity won’t bother you at all.

It is our duty to offer our customers the right body construction with its specific details: fabric, loop, thread and cord characteristics along with the optional requests regarding sewing, printing, labeling.


After all the aspects related to the type of the FIBCs and its designs are being clarified, the next step is the manufacturing process.

The main reason we guaranty and highly recommend our products is that we over look the entire chain of production.

No matter you mention: PP yarn, PP fabric, PP belt, PP thread, PP cord or PP rope you should rest ensured that all these raw materials are "made-in-house" ones. Not only we call ourselves "your big bags manufacturer", but we are in the same time the clients of PP granules, PE foil, ink and other materials used in the production process.

So, being in your shoes in this decision step, we are aware of the concept of products quality and its implications for the success of the entire business.

In this "making" process of the big bags we get together 3 essential "components": the man, the machine along with the product. Combining them at high level of responsibility and quality we manage to provide the best FIBCs for the safety of your business.


Beside the quality of our products, we are also concerned about the time spent between the first contact that our clients initiate with Livingjumbo Industry S.A. and the delivery of goods. We like to serve the requirements of customers who prefer to keep the stock at a minimum level or no stock at all (JIT delivery), taking advantage of our location and our excellent bonds with the transportation infrastructure/services.

As we’ve already mentioned in our "Business Card" section, in accordance with the Quality Management System specifications, our company ensures:

Customer support;

Handling with possible customer’s complaints;

Checking on customer’s satisfaction (questionnaires sent to our clients in order to avoid any lack of communication and to improve the competitiveness of our company).

In conclusion, Livingjumbo Industry S.A. is one of the elite company in the big bags production area because even if we talk about our employees expertise, our manufacturing assets proficiency or our end products, we talk about:








Livingjumbo Industry S.A. can print 3 colors/side (meaning maximum 6 colors/2 sides). No matter we receive the printing pattern from our customer in a digital form - vectorial or not (cdr file or jpeg file) - or a simple sketch made by hand, our specialists can offer support to prepare the drawing on their behalf. The drawing will be approved by the customer before we launch it into production.

The technology we are using for the printing of the big bags is flexographic printing.


Each bag is provided with a label containing:

Handling instructions;

SWL (Safe Working Load);

SF (Safety Factor);

The Labordata certificate number (if case).

The label can be neutral or with our company logo, based on request. The label can be placed in a zipper bag or printed on PE film and sewn together with the bag.

Also, our big bags are provided with document pocket (based on request) where the user of the bag can place its label with the details of the product loaded.

Documents that accompany our PP big bags:

Commercial invoice;

Packing list (external deliveries);

Certificate of origin (if case);

CMR (external deliveries);

Quality certificate;

Conformity declaration.


Our aim for the local market is to reach the end-user. No matter the field our customer is activating in (food industry, chemical or recycling industry, etc) we have direct contact and we customize our products and services based on our customer’s needs.

It is not rare the case in which we help customers to decide what is the most appropriate solution to adopt.

As a big bags elite manufacturer, Livingjumbo Industry PLC helps its customers to reduce their costs by choosing the most suitable type of big bag for its application.

Since we maintain a permanent and close contact with all our existing and potential end-users in Romania, the other selling channels like agents or distributors is not very common when we serve the local market, but not unlikely.

We are open to any kind of cooperation and do our best for the customer satisfaction.


For the selling of our big bags on the external market we are using different channels:

Directly to end-users;

Through commissioners;

Through trade companies.

No matter the channel used, we are very exigent when it comes to the quality of our products as well as the fast delivery - qualities that allows us to maintain our portfolio of external customers.

This way, our big bags are present on very exigent markets which request a lot of construction details, special printing, shapes etc.

We can assure a quick communication with our customers or potential customers in different languages: English, French, German, Italian and Spanish (any inquiries receives an answer from our side in few hours or in exceptional situations, in maximum 24 hours).

Downloadable brochure


Because we are fully convinced that our best shareholder is the CUSTOMER.

This is why we offer:

Best quality of the raw material, materials and finished products;

JIT deliveries ("just-in-time") to help our customers keep a minum or zero level of stocks, by respecting the traceability system for our products;

Assistance in view of finding the best solutions for the creation and maintenance of a successfull partership;

Flexibility in execution depending on the necessities;

Permanent concern for the development through implementation of Management Systems for Quality ISO 9001, Environment ISO 14001 and Safety of Food Products HACCP-ISO22000, purchasing of advanced technologies and continuous improvement of the personnel.

Because we always fulfill and even exeed your expectations when it comes to the packaging solutions you inquire from us.


Constructive types

1, 2 or 4 loops (sustaining handles);

For the 1 and 2 loop bags, the loops are formed from the same fabric as for the body of the bag (see product codes: 1LJI_A and B, 2LJI_A and B);

For the big bags with 4 loops (see product codes : 4LJI_A … 4LJI_F, QLJI_A and QLJI_B) the lifting loops or belts (for the sustaining of the bags and for handling) are made separately, by weaving, out of polypropylene tapes(see product codes: 7LJI_40 up to la 7LJI_70).


Fabric made by weaving from polypropylene granules with UV stabilization;

Circular or flat, depending on the type of big bags (see product codes: 6LJI_1000 up to 6LJI_4000).


Fabric can be laminated - depending on the product to be packed in;

Possibility to insert (inside the outer PP bags) polyethylene liners to avoid the leaking/loosing of the packed product.

Special characteristics

Flexographic printing on the body of the bag – with the logo of client;

Sewing with dustproof yarn to avoid the leaking/ loosing of the packed product;

Based on customer’s request, big bags are provided with label containing instructions for handling, storing, transportation and document pocket.SWL (SWL=Safe Working Load).

SWL(Safe Working Load)

250 – 2000 kg.

SF(Safety Factor)

5:1 – for packing non-dangerous materials - Single-Trip use;

6:1 – for packing non-dangerous materials - Multi-Trip use;

Fields of utilization

Agriculture (seeds, cereals, animal feed);

Food industry (powder and granular products – salt, sugar, rice, milk powder, etc);

Chemical industry (soda, urea, ammonium nitrate, fertilizers, etc.);

Construction materials (sand, lime, cement, gravel, rubble, etc.);

The wood processing industry (waste wood, sawdust, pellets, lighters);

Collection, recovery and recycling (ferrous, non ferrous, wood, plastic, PVC, PET, PE, PP, etc.).


PP THREAD 1000-4500 DEN (see product code: 5LJI_1000 to 5LJI_4500);

PP FABRIC 1000-4000 mm/ 95 – 200 gr (see product code: 6LJI_1000 to 6LJI_4000);

PP BELT 40-70 mm (see product code: 7LJI_40 to 7LJI_70);

PP YARN 4500 DEN (see: 8LJI_4500);

PP CORD 10-30 mm (see product code: 9LJI_10 to 9LJI_30);

PP ROPE 3-4 mm (see product code: 10LJI_4500).

Product Categories Characteristics Code Model
One loop Big Bags
PE Innerliner
Flat bottom 1LJI_A One loop Big Bags PE Innerliner
One loop Big Bags
PE Innerliner
Discharging spout 1LJI_B One loop Big Bags PE Innerliner
Two loop Big Bags
PE Innerliner
Flat bottom 2LJI_A Two loop Big Bags PE Innerliner
Two loop Big Bags
PE Innerliner
Discharging spout 2LJI_B Two loop Big Bags PE Innerliner
Four loop Big Bags Open top and flat bottom 4LJI_A Four loop Big Bags Open top and flat bottom
Four loop Big Bags Filling spout and flat bottom 4LJI_B Four loop Big Bags Filling spout and flat bottom
Four loop Big Bags Open top and discharging spout 4LJI_C Four loop Big Bags Open top and discharging spout
Four loop Big Bags Filling spout and discharging spout 4LJI_D Four loop Big Bags Filling spout and discharging spout
Four loop Big Bags Filling skirt and flat bottom 4LJI_E Four loop Big Bags Filling skirt and flat bottom
Four loop Big Bags Filling skirt and discharging spout 4LJI_F Four loop Big Bags Filling skirt and discharging spout
Q bag – four loop big bags with interior walls Filling spout and flat bottom QLJI_A Q bag – four loop big bags with interior walls Filling spout and flat bottom
Q bag – four loop big bags with interior walls Filling spout and discharging spout QLJI_B Q bag – four loop big bags with interior walls Filling spout and discharging spout
Polypropylene thread 1000 - 4500 DEN 5LJI_1000 ... 5LJI_4500 Polypropylene thread 1000 - 4500 DEN
Polypropylene fabric
width: 1000 - 4000mm
grams: 95 - 200 gr/m2
6LJI_1000 ... 6LJI_4000 Polypropylene fabric
Polypropylene belt 40 - 70 mm 7LJI_40 ... 7LJI_70 Polypropylene belt
Polypropylene yarn 4500 DEN 8LJI_4500 Polypropylene yarn
Polypropylene cord 10 - 30 mm 9LJI_10 9LJI_15 ... Polypropylene cord
Polypropylene rope 3 - 4 mm 10LJI_4500 Polypropylene rope

For more information visit our site www.livingjumbo.ro or send us your questions by e-mail office@livingjmbo.ro.

If you are passing through Buzau,visit us at our headquarters in Transilvaniei 132 Street (inside Romcarbon SA) and our consultants will be delighted to help you find the most suitable solution for packing your product.

Also we are at your disposal from Monday to Friday,between the hours 8 – 17 and by phone: +40 338 101.120 / +40 338 101.121 and fax: +40 338 101.122.


Transilvaniei 132 Street, Buzau, Romania

Phone: +40 338 101.120 / 21, Fax: +40 338 101.122


First of all at Livingjumbo Industry PLC we invest a RIGUROUS QUALITY CONTROL IN RAW MATERIAL, meaning:

Granule quality;

Yarn thickness and width;

UV resistance (breaking resistance and elongation);

The strength of the warp and weft;

Weaving density;

Fabric and loop (belt) strength;

Thread and rope quality;

Safety factors (5:1 and 6:1).

Checking our big bags contamination is insured by the INSTITUTE OF FOOD BIORESOURCES.

Second of all our WORKERS are well-trained in order to perform their own inspection for every single operation they execute (from yarn, thread, belt, rope, cord and fabric production until printing, sewing, labeling and packaging operations).

At last, but not at least, our full-time quality inspectors (Technical Quality Control)constantly monitor both workers and equipment performances in order to avoid any possible “breach” in the chain of production.

The final approval for the big bags to leave our factory is completed after all the products are passing every stage of the quality control.

As a result of the Quality Management System implemented in 2003, LivingJumbo Industry is monitoring and recording the production during the entire technological flow, from polypropylene granules to the polypropylene big bags.

The EU General Food Law Regulation defines TRACEABILITY as "the ability to trace and follow a food, feed, food-producing animal or substance...through all stages of production, processing and distribution".

Traceability is important especially for the food chain, as some of our customers are packing food products in our big bags, but not only for this matter. It also can be used by all our customers.

Characteristics of the traceability systems:

Identification of units / batches of all ingredients and products;

Information on when and where they are moved or transformed;

The existence of a system linking these data.

In practice, traceability systems are record keeping procedures that show the path of a particular unit or batch of product or ingredient from supplier (s), through all the intermediate steps which process and combine ingredients into new products and through the supply chain to customers and, perhaps ultimately, to consumers.

Traceability systems are critically reliant on the information’s recording process. How much information is carried in a traceability system varies and is dependent on the nature of the product and manufacturing practice, customer specifications and law requirements.

Robust mechanisms are implemented to facilitate the collection and authentication of all information, to enable it to be updated and shared through the chain. In some cases, analytical tests may be able to support and check traceability systems.

Our customers gain mostly hidden benefits from traceability i.e. more effective achievement of product safety and an increased effectiveness of recall in emergencies.

  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001
  • ISO 22000
Quality in the service of customer

7 iulie 2013

Starting with July 7, you can enjoy a new look for our websites livingjumbo.ro and ambalaje-sacibigbags.ro.

Along with new design the modifications consist in:

-integration of relevant galleries in every major section of the website presentation (i.e. "who we are" - gallery with images of our factory, "products" - gallery of products offered for sale, "contact" - map showing the location of our office);

- entire website is loading in a single request so that you, the visitor, would not wait further webpages to load;

- increased compression for all the elements of the website in order to minimize page loading time;

- new dynamic elements added - i.e. fullscreen photo gallery from "products" - "products description" menu (click for every product category to see), exchange rate evolution, video presentation, the questionnaire with criteria deemed important for the aquisition of big bags, big bags drawings animations from "products" - "products description" menu, navigation in the secondary menu, the presentation of our certifications being a few of these;

- a simplification of the navigation menu in order for you to see immediately where you are and a concise presentation of content;

- clear messages translated into every international language for errors appearing on the contact form and the questionnaire regarding big bags aquisition;

- loading for the majority of website images in the background so that you can navigate immediately in all the sections without feeling the burden of a lesser internet connection.

To improve website functionality and to make it more user friendly compatibility with browsers that have javascript disabled was added but for presentation criteria some of the elements were hidden from these clients. Compatibility with older web browsers i.e. internet explorer 6 and internet explorer 7 was abandoned because the small number of clients who use these browsers and the large number of bugs, the lack of support for new web standards and security concerns make the attempt to "mask" disfunctionalities in these web browsers launched in 2001 (IE6) and 2006(IE7) counterproductive. If you are using windows xp please update to internet explorer 8 which fixes a lot of the inconveniences present in older browsers.

24 November 2012

LIVINGJUMBO INDUSTRY SA participated in the third edition of Green Business Index (GBI), a multi-annual project organized by the Green Revolution Association in which there were designated the most responsible companies for the environment. This year the number of companies registered in GBI has exceeded 300.

In this edition of the GBI, our company, Livinjumbo Industry SA had the honor to receive the award and the 3rd place in the Category GBI Green Procurement (industrial / manufacturing).

GBI is a multiannual project, the only free tool for assessing the environmental responsibility of the companies in Romania according to ISO 14001 and ISO 14031 standards. It is also monitoring the green initiatives in the Romanian business environment and offers training to improve environmental performance.

Livingjumbo Industry SA is the only Romanian producer of big bags (FIBC, flexible intermediate containers, bags of 1, 2, 4 handles, PP bags, big bags made of raffia) who implemented the Integrated Management System for Quality - Environment - Food Safety.

14 April 2012

Your favourite big bags producer wishes you Happy Easter!

22 December 2011

Dear Customers, dear future Customers,

Whether you buy from us big bags, or just PP belt (webbings), PP fabric or PP rope, or maybe just PP sewing yarn, whether you will buy these products in the future, we thank you for the good cooperation we had so far and we hope in 2012 you will be even more pleased with our products and technical assistance that we give.

May the Christmas find you healthy, cheerful and full of hope for a better next year!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2012!!!

1st of December 2010

Dear visitors,

If you handle bulk materials (building materials, grains, vegetables, solid fuel, etc.) and want to save storage space and reduce costs of transport, we recommend using Big-bag sacks which allow more types of transport materials with the same vehicle without the materials mixing with each other, and if you have a front loader or excavator-type machine with its own weight larger than four tons, then we submit to your attention the CHARGER FOR BIG-BAGS, which is a patented invention in the Netherlands and marketed by Komac Equipment PLC Tg. Secuiesc.

Using our charger, you will benefit from both high productivity in loading bags from piles (average of 60 bags/hour) and reduction in staff costs and other ancillary equipment.

Charger bags handled by a single equipment and manned by one person, can sit directly on the trailer with the bags immediately after filling the charger.

Due to the high yield filling of bags, bags charger offers an exquisite local authorities during natural disasters such as floods, because they can arrange weirs BIG-BAG sacks robust in a very short time.

For more information about the Charger, please visit our website www.komac.ro.

Thanks in advance!

Komac Equipment PLC - Construction equipment and agricultural machinery

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